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Corporate Living's Online Workstation Survey

Workstation SOS is the an online workstation survey. It's a way to get completely FREE assessment of your workstation. Snap, Fill - Send. Quick and Easy.

Simply fill out the short form below and attach your desk or office photo and one of our fully qualified Workstation Consultants will give you a feedback!

Whether your concern is Productivity, Ergonomics, Health or Knowledge Transfer our qualified team of Workstation Consultants can help! After all, no matter how minor or major the  adjustment can be - sometimes the smallest change makes a huge difference to workers' health and satisfaction. 

If you would like a NO OBLIGATION advice on your workstation then do not hesitate to email us a picture with your name to info@corporateliving.net.au with the subject "Workstation SOS" or use the below form. Please include your task chair, desk arrangement and storage in the picture for the best advice.

Picture submitted by Janelle from Ocean Reef Finance Workstation help section
Feedback from Joel Hurst - Furniture Fitout Consultant

Hi Janelle, Thanks for sending your picture in. After my assessment I would recommend the following:-

  • Corporate Living's Monitor Arm could help you create more working space by raising your screen off the desktop and help prevent neck strain as you move your monitor for comfort.
  • Implementing Corporate Living's CPU Holder underneath your desk would provide more leg space and better airflow circulation, helping cool the CPU unit.
  • A desk with cable entry holes and cable trays would drastically improve cable management. All of Corporate Living's Workstation Desking systems can provide you with this functionality for less than you'd expect. If you wanted to keep a similar desk shape then I'd recommend the C200 90° desk.
Picture submitted by Elena from Tenacity Recruitment Workstation advice
Feedback from Michael L. - Furniture Fitout Consultant

Good morning Elena, thank you for your picture, my recommendations are:-

  • I think you could benefit from Corporate Living's Mobile Pedestal. They are designed to fit neatly under your desk and can be used for filing and personal storage. They are also lockable for extra security.
  • By replacing your current slab end desk legs with leg posts you can benefit from more leg space and easier movement, which are both important components of a healthy workstation. Corporate Living's Aero Desk would be ideal for your needs.
  • You may also benefit from some over desk shelving such as Corporate Living's Bookshelves to free up some extra desk space.

Workstation SOS is also on Twitter! Tweet a picture with the hashtag #WorkstationSOS to @CorpLivingnetau and one of our qualified Workstation Consultants will reply with an ergonomic and design advice. Let's get healthy!

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